System Lighting Upgrade

Why do we need to a system upgrade?

Since technology has grown, the standard Lighting Control System has changed. Its time to get a smarter and more powerful system for your home or business.



Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade:


1. More Power, More Option

Old and dated systems typically have a maximum capacity of 60 amps.  Today’s average electrical demands range from 100-200+ amps. Prevent fuse blowouts by upgrading your electrical panels.

2. It is Safe and Stable

With the rate of advancement in today’s gadgets and technology, having a stable and smooth electricity is important for both the longevity of our appliances and the safety of our home.

3. Future-ready

Who knows the types of devices and appliances we’ll be using ten or twenty years from now? If you’re already remodeling or upgrading your home, it’s a good idea to invest in some quality wiring, namely structured wiring, which consists of heavy-duty cables that enable the latest features in all your electrical devices. Structured wiring will also increase your home’s value.


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